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10-22-2013, 06:38 AM
First and foremost, the results of the blog post have been overwhelming. Since day one, we've been slammed almost 24/7 with requests to use the starbase for networking, and role play. Some of these individuals have not been role players. They usually come running onto the base after getting past 'ATC' and start running all over the place, and jumping on furniture. Bad monkey.

Fire extinguishers and dancing disco bulbs from Risa start popping up all over the place. It gets frustrating and it's a distraction.

Those folks are usually asked to stop, and if they don't they are removed.

We've also had the pleasure of numerous Vice Admirals coming aboard with the assumption that they can order base personnel, or guests around like some sort of master / servant dynamic.

In order to make sure folks are all on the same page, we'll be drafting some guidelines and posting them on our website. The admins from other up and coming OSB projects will be encouraged to chime in as well about guidelines they'd like for us to post.

Thank you all for your interest in the Open Starbase Project