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10-22-2013, 07:44 AM
Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
But Necessary, considering the way most of us blow through whatever content They give us.

Play the game, put in what ever level of time ya want and reap the benefits of your accomplishment.

Stop attempting to make the game the way you want, and enjoy (make the best of) what ya get.

Sorry guy, but another Reputation to grind is just crap. Something to keep the masses busy until the next resource sink come along, or the next shinny.

Reputation in and of itself isn't necessarily bad, but in this game it is used in lew of content (or to make up for content that is practically dead on arrival), where the same 2 or three missions have to be grinded for ridiculously low rewards.
How the Devs see Star Trek, apparently:
Star Trek: The Original Grind
Star Trek: The Next Grind
Star Trek: Deep Space Grind
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