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# 116 avenger
10-22-2013, 09:41 AM
im really thinking of buying this ship. i bought a vesta pack long ago and will feel like im rejecting her now. im building up dilithium to buy the zen, but im so itching to buy it with my credit card now...i also want a t'varo retrofit for my rom character so my mind is split. the avenger just sound so awesome. it looks like a space ship, so why badmouth it left and right. a army tank looks ugly too, but strikes fear in anybody and can destroy anything. so stop with how a ship looks like and focus on what it can do. That said im mostly using my assault cruiser refit with all rom beams coz of plasma bonuses from sets and science plasma infused consoles. plasma tact consoles . So what i want to know is, if i get an avenger and mount Rom DBB and rom torp or wide angle torp, will that be a devasting killer build ? also got nukara console that give 10% beam accuracy, got tachyo converter (which ups my turn rate also) and zero point, so got good crit rate too, got borg console of course and got point defense in bank. add in dil mine eng consoles with structural integrity stat and got good hull too. what do you guys think of such a build on avenger? and what other consoles should i get ? (Lobi store, exchange consoles like plasmonic leech and so on)....oh and i just bought the ship

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