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10-22-2013, 10:21 AM
First off , good interview .. Second would like to touch on a few things.

First : Rep system : why make everything so easy , no challenge with this game anymore .. log on and get a reward ? Seriously ? I see nothing wrong with the 20 hour completion rate on the current rep system . Right now i only spend less than an hour at most to do all my dailies . Doing this will not make me stay on any longer. I think putting the good stuff in the rep system was a mistake or at least taking the drops from the STF and putting them into the rep system , which ties into the second point i wanted to touch on .

You say that in a month some of the content was not played but 4 times , well , that's because you took the reason to play it out , by putting the drops in the rep system . That has made STO a less fleet , friend grouping situation into the less path of resistance . And to be honest less fun.

Just my thoughts , not flaming , not trolling .. take it as you would like tho .. i am very flexible .