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Lock Boxes house Jem Hadar Destroyers and Heavy Escorts. You can also get the Dreadnought through Lobi or the Exchange.
The free versions would be slightly less powerful and something suitable for use by non-VA players.
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even after such a long time I wouldn't expect that many bajoran-cardassian hybrids to warrant them spending time making them. i'm sure you could make them in alien anyway.

if you want dominion names the breen at least allied with dominion. maybe they would be allied with the true way. did the son'a not rejoin the ba'ku??? I've never read much about the tbh. they are mentioned maybe once in ds9 and of course they are in insurrection. but since the son'a are the ba'ku wouldn't that just be a dev team head ache trying to explain them in the game??
The Son'a are a bit tricky because we don't know how many there really are. We saw several in Insurrection, and some of those either died or decided to go back to live with the Ba'ku. Maybe there are more out there?

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