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Did we start playing Champions Online and nobody told us?

To explain that comment, CO has fallen into the trap of "no-content" updates.
What this means is when they do an so-called update, it's just a new queue.
Which isn't terribly interesting.

And to me, it looks like STO is repeating that error.
This Voth update is all about queues and mark grinding.

And that's not enough to keep me interested anymore, given that I've done the Reputation mark grind 9 times over now (3 times per character).

In addition, I really hate the 20 player actions because nobody seems to understand the concept of teamwork and they're all out to fight each other for the top spot on the leaderboard or whatever.

So, this update will most likely be me just logging in to play the Voth 5 player queue 3 times a day and going away again once I've earned my marks during bonus hour.

It's sad that STO has come down to this.