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From my understanding of the Son'a, they were the Baku, at least, they were a group of Baku. Some of them didn't like living without technology so were eventually banished. They became the Son'a (likely using old Baku tech for their ships and such). They then went on the pillage worlds for slave labor etc (Tarlac & Ellora).

As with both of you, I'm not sure just how many Son'a there are. It's hard to believe their fleet consisted of only three ships (though I believe one didn't survive Insurrection; so now they're a fleet of two?)

It's more likely there are other Son'a out there, maybe the Son'a are descendants of the Baku and those settled on that planet are refugees of sorts. They had to come from somewhere themselves, maybe it was a Son'a Empire of sorts? None of this was properly fleshed out with Insurrection, so it's anyone's guess really.
Well, we do know a few things. the order of events went: [parent race] > Ba'ku > Son'a

So the Son'a are an offshoot of the Ba'ku who claim to have fled their homeworld because it was on the verge of self annihilation due to civil war or something.... It's possible we never saw the parent race because they did in fact wipe themselves out. It'd be funny if it turned out to be the Minosians. But that would required them to not self-annihilate for a few more centuries.

Anyways, back to the Son'a... do we have any reason to believe that none of the Son'a reproduced after leaving the Briar Patch? All the ones we saw in Insurrection were old, but it could be that only the old Son'a went back to the Briar Patch(in hopes of getting restored by the metaphasic energy).

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