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10-22-2013, 03:56 PM
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Seems pretty obvious to me. Unless its been further illuminated, I think the general consensus is that the Obelisk will be a limited time free benefit for completing Sphere of Influence, and thereafter (yunno, after the "limited time") will be available through T1 Spire.

Did you previously email me this image? Cos otherwise I'm not sure how you think I "blanked" on it.

Having googled it now though, I don't see a consensus. I see a lot of people thinking this isn't a consumable summoned ship rather than a playable one.

Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Plans change all the time, things get made that weren't planned announced a half year ago and things that were aren't made.
That's the other way around though. Some stuff not getting done is to be expected in almost any endeavour. But this was (I think) a relatively recent dev statement specifically saying there are no current plans to make a rom sci carrier.