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10-22-2013, 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by varnoukh View Post

Did you previously email me this image? Cos otherwise I'm not sure how you think I "blanked" on it.

Having googled it now though, I don't see a consensus. I see a lot of people thinking this isn't a consumable summoned ship rather than a playable one.

That's the other way around though. Some stuff not getting done is to be expected in almost any endeavour. But this was (I think) a relatively recent dev statement specifically saying there are no current plans to make a rom sci carrier.
I'm sorry if I somehow upset you. I just mean it seemed oubvious to someone who has clearly seen the Spire (like the OP, who commented on the T3 ships). Also, the (All) after carrier mirrors the (Faction) labels after the T3 carriers. Not to mention Obelisk Swarmers (Blue, Purple and UV) are available as hanger pets.

All roads point to flyable carrier. Also, the Devs quite explicitly said they would be giving us a carrier, made by aliens but NOT voth. Assuredly it belongs to the race that built or lived on the sphere.