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So it is, always thought that was Majel since she sort of looked like her. My loss.

After watching that clip of the Enterprise's arrival, again, it got me thinking that maybe ESD should go with the late 70s Sci Fi techno look that we see in that scene, instead of a TNG or 2409 appearance? But ESD does to need a bit more color to her than blues and grays.

Honestly if they ever do a true ESD Revamp, I would like them to split off the areas into the Civilian and Military areas, never seemed legit with them mixing them into one location. Always invisioned you arrive in the transporter room and enter a huge lobby and on the far end a huge bay window you can view the interior of the space dock with ships passing by like at the shipyard.

But that's me.

DS9 interior needing a makeover? Eh, I really don't see it needing a complete overhaul, but Quark's does need holosuites (can be Foundry portals), and of course them adding the Security Office, the Infirmary, and of course the Klingon restaurant. Especially since they kicked out D'vak, they need to do something that gives players to visit there more often.

Always was disappointed the Devs never had a real creativity with items, could imagine that place be busy as a bazaar with all those shops.
Well, I'd also like to see the civilian military split but I'd also like all those Ferengi around who are contraband traders to sell weapons or something.

As for DS9, my idea is to make it a full adventure zone like New Romulus. Part of the revamp is adding the infirmary and security but also making the promenade more than just kiosks, with actual shops. Maybe adjust the added on areas to be docked ships.

Have melee brawling missions in Quarks and periodic invasions of the upper promenade along with tons of New Romulus style missions and periodic events to give it life, such as investigations, trade, etc.

I'd also be inclined to tie a rep to it that launches only after completing the 2800 and have your rep tier determine which version of Ops you go to, with a storyline that involves the removal of Kurland. Kurland's incompetence is a subject on the forums and it might be fun for Borticus as an actor to give of Kurland's descent. The rep could be tied to bringing DS9 to its former glory. Maybe it could involve Worf's grandson taking command from Kurland since he's a DS9 based character we no longer see in the open world.

So at T1 rep, we go to a version of Ops that's the standard version and as rep tiers proceed, thing fall apart and get pur back together. At T4, Kurland is gone. At T5, the new commander is in place. Handled backend by having 4 copies of ops.

Have Cardassian vole hunting similar to Epohh breeding on the lower decks. Have high level rep grand access to personal quarters on DS9 with the ability to place ship trophies and maybe do crafting or cooking or the like. The set for personal quarters is very close to the briefing room set used in The 2800.

What I'm picturing is a DS9 with maybe about 40-60% more interior, a rep, a Quark's makeover, and activities which a content designer can periodically add to without needing new maps.

Heck, maybe handle passage of time post 2409 as a DS9 centered rep. So you have DS9:Year1 rep. And a year later new activities and rewards and another 5 rep tiers for DS9: Year 2 rep. If hubs and adventure zones were handled this way, they could be continuously added onto every year.