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10-22-2013, 06:04 PM
I'm all for this. Just because these are older models doesn't mean that people don't use them. I mean, when the Reagent came out many didn't like the appearance so just kept the Sovereign skin but with the better stats.

For me, the worst offenders are as follows:
- Galaxy-R
- Intrepid
- Akira
- Nebula (more of a pet peeve - the stardrive section seems too "flat")

These are more well know ships, but I'm in agreement that the golfball ships need a pass too as well as most of the canon stock KDF ships like the K'tinga and the Negh'var.

Looking past even the issue with poor quality ship models I think there are a lot of things in STO which need a pass over. Many people say they quite like the game but it looks poor quality in many areas which is a result of the rush to push the game out the door, where frankly it's been said many of the devs frankly didn't care about the game they just wanted it done.

Redo DS9, it's awful... seriously. Considering it's still the busiest social zone for both factions it looks absolutely nothing like the one from the show. I know it got a very basic pass before the 2800 series but it's still a horrible mess. Where's Odo's old security office? Where's the infirmary? Why is Quark a different instance? It had a bar facing onto the promenade too!? Why do we board our ship from starship requisitions? It's no where near the docking ring! There are just SO many things wrong with it, I really don't understand how it was left to get so bad in the first place! We don't even need to have a full "circle" if you like, just give us this: and have the turbolifts give options to go to the docking ring where we can do stuff from shipyards and board our ships. Also, no Defiant docked on the external model .

Another thing, decide on a standard NPC uniform and run with it. I see NPC's in the default costume, Jupiter uniforms, first contact uniforms etc etc... it stinks of poor quality control and lack of direction within the dev team.

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