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Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
An unbelievable number of STO players turn into total crybabies when asked to do ground combat. Which causes me to fear that, despite how awesome it is, this zone is going to be mostly deserted once the novelty wears off. Most of the encounters can be handled by a couple of people, but the bosses can't.

I hope the rewards are high enough to drag people in who might otherwise be unwilling.
I have to agree... I can not remember the last time Breaking the Planet actually popped for me. Big Dig takes easily 20-30 minutes (if at all).

I am all for story driven TEAM missions... (yes, I am going to harken back to the old STF's (pre queued watered down versions).

There is a time and place for fast, get in, get your marks, and get out.... but there is also a time for a seriously hard freaking mission, that can take an hour or so to complete with mixture of ground and space... .that requires a team.
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