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Originally Posted by jeffel82 View Post
I swear I'm not trying to be rude...what's your definition of "content," and what would you like to see more of in the game?
My major beef with Champions Online and their "no-content" updates has been that there's not enough story based material.

CO used to release updates akin to our featured episodes, 5 episode arcs that told a complete story.

The last one they released had a marked decreased in quality, it was only two episodes and ended in a limited time queue.
I didn't even bother to play the queue, as I'd had my fill of CO queues at this point (they are fricking horrible!).
And most CO players are unpleasant people, so I don't like the idea of playing with them.

So, to answer your question, when they do "content" updates, I want story missions, something other then "perform a set task daily to earn your marks".
Preferably with some interesting mission rewards, like a new weapon, armor or something.
Ideally, I'd like ground gear, since I believe there's nothing more that can be done for space that hasn't been done already.

And to be honest, I've gotten rather antisocial lately (due to some negative experiences with other players, both here and in CO).
So I'm not terribly interested in playing with people I don't know anymore.

As to incorporating a PVP aspect, that would push me even further away, I've found that to be a negative experience even worse then playing with the random flamer trolls.
Also, PVP is just a different kind of repetitive activity, only against players instead of NPCs.
So it loses on that account as well.

Originally Posted by futurepastnow View Post
An unbelievable number of STO players turn into total crybabies when asked to do ground combat.
Ironically, I'm a ground fan.
My characters are specifically specced to fight ground wars.

But on the few occassions I've mentioned that, STO players don't understand or accept the fact.
They think I should only be fighting in space and ground combat abilities is worthless.
The guy who takes the cake is the one who insisted I would never be on the ground at all, therefore my ground specced captain was useless.

But I've given up doing ground queues because the average STO player just doesn't have the skill to fight a proper ground battle.

After several bad runs of the ground fleet mark action because nobody knew the procedure, I decided it was just time to walk away.

It gets even worse when you're doing Elite Ground Actions and trying to get the optional objective.

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