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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Be nice if those Ferengi contraband traders actually had some use. Who in their right mind would buy or sell anything to them. Perhaps have some kind of barter system where you could haggle on prices and get better deals. But they do belong in the bar, but of course the shady side of the bar.

DS9 Adventure zone..............I'm iffy on that. I can see you getting into classic DS9 scuffles if you happened to turn the wrong way down a hallway or come across an illegal deal in one of the cargobays. But I really disagree with it being anywhere like Defera or New Romulus. It would be better off a random occurrence as you are walking through the station. Sort of like in Grand Theft Auto 5 where you are going down the street and you hear a cry for help as someone gets robbed. It's completely random that happens.

But I really don't see DS9 being an adventure-type zone. Though if they ever take us to Cardassia, I could see an Adventure zone there.
Well, I think it would need to be more like the staging area and Epohh area on New Romulus but that there's a lot of good opportunity to play with light brawls and detective type content.

And by fleshing our the corridors, having places where brawls can take place without security responding immediately. Heck, maybe have some fights in remote areas just be an endurance test (like the Undine ship early in the game) where you have to stay alive until security shows up to subdue the enemy.

I'm thinking more in terms of events going on around the station, less in terms of free range enemies. Although perhaps having a variety of people who it's possible to question or provoke a fight with.