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10-22-2013, 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
I think the ground social areas should be more important than the space ones. I don't think they were going for that in the beginning. Then again, the game was originally being developed by Perpetual, and their vision of STO was..... different.

I think that if Cryptic had been developing STO from the beginning it would have been another story. If I remember what Taco and DStahl have told me correctly, they had a year to turn half made art assets without code into a functioning MMORPG within a year. It's easy to see why they stuck with Perpetuals art assets even if they don't look very good.
Well the (Probert's) concept art for Perpetual's STO was rather good. They obviously wanted more to do with interiors of ships and ESD than we currently have.

Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Well, I think it would need to be more like the staging area and Epohh area on New Romulus but that there's a lot of good opportunity to play with light brawls and detective type content.

And by fleshing our the corridors, having places where brawls can take place without security responding immediately. Heck, maybe have some fights in remote areas just be an endurance test (like the Undine ship early in the game) where you have to stay alive until security shows up to subdue the enemy.

I'm thinking more in terms of events going on around the station, less in terms of free range enemies. Although perhaps having a variety of people who it's possible to question or provoke a fight with.
I too always wanted to see a fully fleshed out DS9 where we can travel to the docking rings and even have residential quarters.

And seems your suggestion and my suggestion could be merge together with those mysteries or attacks being simple random events? And perhaps encourage players by giving out various rewards that could possibly end up with something really nice (unique).

And I like the idea of provoking fights, in this 27 year old PC Game that I keep telling Cryptic to reference, you could actually provoke aliens into fights if you didn't have the right skill in communications (which in STO could be diplomacy), even in bartering situations they would get mad if you give them a bad deal.

Perhaps part of it could go towards high-stakes dabo and you're competing against an NPC and you get too ahead and it turns into a bar fight, and weapons are disabled and you have to do hand-to-hand fighting against an NPC that isn't easy to take down.