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10-23-2013, 01:07 AM
One of the problem's with ESD's interior is that it's tiny. Not like the relative dimensions (which are huge), but in comparison to the model size and the actual in universe size of the station.

It should take ages to run around the circle of the main hub area to the point where you'd need turbolifts to get around quickly, or some sort of moving sidewalk.

If they had the resources and time to make the interior and the 'exterior visible from the interior' the right size, they basically would have unlimited room to make a really cool and interesting station design, especially if they make it multilevel, stick in stuff like gardens, docked ships, holodecks, and corridors behind the promenade style stuff.

The lower decks need some attention too, IMO. I mean honestly why do they exist?

Also: You should totally board ESD from where your ship is docked with it. Obviously they can't show your specific ship, but a standard fed airlock that you spawn in and cross the docking tube to ESD proper would be amazing, for the people who are interested in that. Make separate 'beam in' and 'dock' buttons so the people who don't care about the interior stuff can just beam in.

Then put some of those perpetual concept arts to use and make ESD actually have a real operations center (the crap in the middle doesn't count). Give it a real ops/bridge that you can turbolift up to, move Quinn's office up there so he's actually on the bridge and the dudes in his office are there. Replace his 'office' where it's currently located with diplomatic quarters for sugohara.

Do some more animation for the exterior- looking out the windows, we should see fed ships of various sorts cruise by, shuttles and freighters heading up from Earth to ESD or the other stations or warping out, and small flotillas flying around in formation.

Open up the 'path' around the circle into a much wider concourse area, with viewing room/deck stuff on the exterior. Stick club 47 in one of these. Then move the 'interior/center stuff back on the interior wall, which is now much larger and have like, districts. Move the shipbuilding stuff entirely into the shipyard area, and have it accessible via turbolift rather than 'go to the ship area, go to the shipyard'. Then have your diplomatic district, your trade/banking/merchantile district that includes shops, requisitions, and that sort of thing, then have your bar and drinks and *gasp* maybe even a rival bar or something.

Do gardens, holodecks, the study hall for the cadets and presentations and ****, and have various NPCs on patrol or stationed throughout, including (for the love of god) civilians. Civilians civilians civilians. Of variety of ages. Children, even, wandering around in little family groups, or on school trips.

You could make a school district by the cadet study hall area, and have one of the Ob'brien children as a teacher there or something. Do some repetition to pad out the ring to a proper size, so like every so often you have little shop/bank/exchange/bar social hub areas that are still in the same zone. Make it so that when people spawn in, they don't always spawn at the exact same point, but spawn in at one of these zones. Obviously they can turbolift to them. That makes the space feel much larger (and be much larger), but also lets people split up, or go explore. They can turbolift up to ops to see admiral Quinn or hit up the major stuff down on the main ring.

The stuff in the center of the existing ESD can all be moved up to ops. Do a real custom ops and have it look really nice, and not like crap. Then maybe import that into the fleet starbase because that command room (just on the fed) looks pretty generically bad. The klink one, on the other hand is amazing.

For added interaction, whenever a borg attack hits Sirius sector, you could send the tarbase into red alert, which would be a sort of semi-interactive zone wide thing. Lights would dim or be replaced with red alert lights, graphics on monitors would swap to the red alert animation. Everyone in the zone would get a 'fight the borg' red alert option, and there'd be some custom pathing and effects.

So like all the civilians would run to the nearest turbolift and despawn- heading back to their quarters. The military NPCs would all pull their guns out, go through some emotes checking their gear. Meanwhile other NPCs would head to the turbolifts to the docking level, and you could actually go down there to go to 'your ship' while these guys are running/jogging down the docking tube to the ship end (and despawning).

The NPCs at the bars and **** would close stuff down (but still be available for purchase or whatever- it'djust be a cosmetic change), and the ships outside the window would change. So freighters would start warping in and flying down to dock with ESD or land. The flotillas would take up holding formations, and larger defensive fleets would warp in. The shuttles would all dock.

You could even set it up to pick a random PC ship and spawn a copy of it in, so you see PC ships undocking from ESD and warping out. (but it's not *actually* that PC's ship, just a smaller copy of it).

So much potential, but limited by budget concerns.