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Why are we considered Engineer captains, Science captains and Tactical captains? Shouldn't we just be Captains? So here is my idea:

Revamp all player characters to have no profession. Keep all captain abilities and make them selectable at every rank. Think of it as a logical extension of the reputation system. Take space abilities as an example:

At Lieutenant, you can choose one of the three:

Attack Pattern Alpha
Rotate Shield Frequency
Sensor Scan

At Lt Commander, you can choose one of the three:

Fire on my Mark
EPS Power Transfer
Subnucleonic Beam

At Commander, you can choose one of the three:

Tactical Initiative
Nadion Inversion
Scattering Field

At Captain, you can choose one of the three:

Go Down Fighting
Miracle Worker
Photonic Fleet

And so forth up the rank structure. And be sure to sell us respec tokens that can reset our choices whenever we feel like it.

Yes, you can argue that this would lead to stupidly overpowered character builds, but the sensible conclusion to that is to buff the more useless abilities to avoid the dreaded cookie-cutter.
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So yes... you could get everything here for free.
Just like you can get a free steak dinner by collecting dropped pennies in the parking lot.

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