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10-23-2013, 04:36 AM
There is one glaring hole in the skill sets between classes:

Tactical has an ability which reduces tactical officer cooldown.

Add the exact same ability for Science and Engineering. That way, each class will have a slight advantage going heavy with their matching BOFF layout (compared to the others) but nothing large enough to break balance.

The differences as they exist now are fairly close overall. A TAC captain gets to do 50% more damage every 30s out of every 2 minutes, and a team damage buff (to a single target) for 30 seconds out of 2:30. Call that double damage for ~20% of the time overall, and you get a simple 20% DPS buff in anything as a TAC captain.

However, an engineering captain in the same build can run EPS for the same duration, which strengthens aux heals a lot, makes your ship move a turn faster, toughens up your shields and overcaps your weapons on most power level settings used. They also have miracle worker + grace under fire, nadion inversion and rotate shield frequency. Basically, while the TAC captain can do 20% more damage, the ENG captain can take a lot more fire without being destroyed or forced to retreat.

A science captain can call a photonic fleet to both draw fire and provide some additional DPS, as well as use SNB to strip any buffs off the target. I am not sure if this works against boss targets, but this ability is still extremely useful especially in PVP.

Each class has it's advantages. The main reason TAC is favoured is because of the lack of challenge in most endgame PVE. Once you get above ~5k DPS, STFs become easy. At or above 10K and they are jokes. I ran a pug ISE that ended with 10:15 left on the optional, I was the second highest parse at 10K DPS, everyone was over 6k. That mission was too easy at this level of player ability.

Basically, running TAC is the easiest way to break PVE through excessive firepower. If the content was scaled up (perhaps make the current elite "advanced" and add a new level of "elite" STFs where the borg use buffs, debuffs and cross heal, etc) then you will see other classes used more often, as more team play and abilities will be needed to complete the content as opposed to just vaporizing everything with your 10K DPS cookie cutter escort / 20k DPS cookie cutter aux2bat FAW cruisers.

Basically, it is not so much that the classes are broken, but that the endgame content is geared to favour the simplistic brute force solution.