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10-23-2013, 04:50 AM
I kind of like this idea. It'd be nice to give my sci capt an eng kit so Nukara wasn't so much more difficult. Or maybe security escort. But if I could do this, then why have 3 fed toons? And how would anyone team up for accolades? I like having 3 specific capt's so I can see how game play is different. It challenges those of us with a sci to figure out how to run nukara solo and rescue the red shirts and close the doors without getting over run and over whelmed. Even with the shard of possibilities and a horta its nowhere near the same as having those along with the security escort my tac has or the 2 drones, mortar and turrett my eng has.
This might be a good way to incorporate first officers. Make a doff that has a chance to beam in a boff for support. Hopefully they bring an environmental suit.