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*** Now open for Initial Recruiting! ***

Founded 91399.1 10/17/2013
Open to new members as of 10/23/2013

Welcome to Deceiver's Lair.

Now [Tier 1] - See update post #2

This is a great opportunity to get into a Fed aligned fleet at the ground level with a founder
who has plenty of fleet leadership and member experience with both good and bad fleets.
I've used everything I have learned to provide a safe haven for those
who wish to be in a fleet that has all the best policies rolled into one.

Whether you're a social butterfly, or a lone wolf, there's a place for you at the Lair.

Deceiver's Lair is also open to anyone who wants to dump their Fleet Marks,
Common Doffs, Dilithium, etc. for Fleet Credits.

Starbase map invites, are available to File Commendation Reports.
Other services will become available as leveling continues, through "public service" type chat channels.

Please visit the Deceiver's Lair site for more details before requesting an invite.

When you're ready to join, just send me an in-game pm, or email.

We''ll leave the light on...


Steve@SCCreations - Deceiver's Lair - Fleet General
Steve@SCCreations - Fleet General - Persistent Officer Title & Accolade
Deceiver's Lair Fleet

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