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10-23-2013, 06:01 AM
Well, eng skill "EPS Transfer" is great to use on yourself as well, in case no one's been doing that.
But I disagree with the whole idea, as there ARE branches of Starfleet you would be "working your way up through", although technically you CAN transfer branches, but it's rare for one to do so very often.
I personally think the skill system should be revamped, make more variety of skills available, and make each branch stand out from it's peers in a decent, unique way.
Also, some skills should be re-worked, and as well, get rid of some of the stacking that can go on, instead, make it to where the highest modifier of a type rules, anything lower is discarded.

Granted, this is coming from someone that role-plays a lot of pen & paper games, including FASA's old ST RPG, and having different branches and skills available made each character unique, instead of "cookie-cutter" builds, that seem to rule this game. I could agree with a few skills being considered "must-haves" or at least a really good idea, but it seems like there are too many skills that are considered that must have, whereas plenty of other skills are considered useless.

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