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But if I could do this, then why have 3 fed toons? And how would anyone team up for accolades?
Your three fed toons can still play with different captain abilities from each other so that you can enjoy different play styles. Accolades are such a meaningless non-issue that I won't even bother arguing about them.

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I like having 3 specific capt's so I can see how game play is different. It challenges those of us with a sci to figure out how to run nukara solo and rescue the red shirts and close the doors without getting over run and over whelmed.
You could still challenge yourself by restricting your toon to science abilities and kits on the ground. Of course, we all like rising to challenges that are forced upon us and then take the easy option when someone advises us to set up our own challenges.
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So yes... you could get everything here for free.
Just like you can get a free steak dinner by collecting dropped pennies in the parking lot.