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No they pretty much were, The Command Officers ( Red Uniforms in the TNG era onward) are not exclusively tactical officers Notable examples include Picards Archeology specialisation, And Janeways knowledge of Temporal Mechanics show that just being in command doesn't mean you only learn space Combat skills

Another example is LaForge Who was on the command path ( con officer ) and switched to the engineering path
In addition, when aspiring to the rank of commander officers are to take special command training that further broadens their expertise. Even counselor Troi took that training in TNG as well as Dr. Crusher. I think when you are becoming captain you are and have to be "Jack of all trades" while you of course profit from your former background.

That's why we in STO should all be captains and select our abilities based on a "background" we set during character creation. They should reintroduce the command division for players.
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