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Originally Posted by adverbero View Post
No they pretty much were, The Command Officers ( Red Uniforms in the TNG era onward) are not exclusively tactical officers Notable examples include Picards Archeology specialisation, And Janeways knowledge of Temporal Mechanics show that just being in command doesn't mean you only learn space Combat skills

Another example is LaForge Who was on the command path ( con officer ) and switched to the engineering path
janeway was obviously science.

picard seemed more science.

some may say there was more to picard than science and they would be right but he was never a jack of all trades. but Q shows his alternate life path which was where he never
had the balls for command and he just stayed as a lowly science officer. command isn't just about being tactical.

sisko tactical.

you could also claim engineer because he oversaw design and construction of ships such as the defiant. but that never really comes across in the shows. also remember he was overseeing construction of tactical ships to fight the borg

archer was certainly far more tactical than anything else.

so it could easily be down to how captains was portrayed in the shows.

also if you look at what they wasn't, it's even more clear they wasn't 'a jack of all trades'

picard was in no way engineer.

janeway as above.

riker was in no way a science officer

sisko as above.

worf as above.

also in ds9 when worf goes back to rescue dax at the cost of the mission. sisko informs him he made a mistake and he wouldn't be offered a command of his own in the future. which means command is about decision making not being Mr.Tactical. as worf was possibly the most tactical character in star trek.

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