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Originally Posted by kojirohellfire View Post
But as Cryptic has said, they're not going to let us play bad guys, so True Way is extremely unlikely as a faction.
well that bad or 'evil' part is open to interpretation. for example the romulans in the rse don't see themselves as bad or evil. just because a hakeev lead tal shiar was evil, it didn't mean every one was.

is the federation bad or evil because of franklin drake or slone? section 31 etc. what's to say since the feds are the bad guys to the kdf they don't think of the federation as evil?

it's down to a matter of perspective and in your faction your the good guys and any one else is your bad guys.

if we can't have bad factions any more are we going to add the kdf and everyone else to the federation? it's getting far too carebear if we can't have bad guys any more. can you imagine a star wars game like the old republic with out the sith/imperial empire... wait no surely not they are evil and bad

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