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10-23-2013, 09:20 AM
While it's a good idea, it would need a serious revamp of skills first. Add a lot more, and revamp the one we have, so we don't have the obvious choice a lot of player mentioned before (APA+SNB/FOMM+NI+MW).

Alongside a kit revamp, that allow us to mix various skill in one kit, that could be very interesting. Allowing builds with grenades and mines for example.

However, it would make the game more complicated, as the average player is usually lost when there are no hands holding to tell him what to do. Having a classless game is usually restricted to niche games (fallen earth, eve...).
When you see people unable to have more than 50 weapon power level on a ship, using rainbow build (before S8), and never remodulating in a STF, you can't ask them to choose a skill.