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Check the calendar: The rerun starts the 31st, and runs through Thanksgiving - if S8 isn't until after the rerun ends, it'll be pushed into December at best.

We have never been given a one week timetable for the FE (Gecko said at least two, in fact), only a "couple week at least" event that is separate from the rerun but has not been officially announced, starting with the FE and ending with the S8 launch.
I am simply going by what Geko stated in the podcast. The new FE Mission will run 1 week to allow people to get the Carrier - as the Carrier is only available during that week. Running the new FE after that will only give regular rewards. Then they are going to have 2 weeks of FE reruns so that players can get all the special items from the other FEs. First the new FE week, then 2 weeks of reruns.

That's 3 weeks in total and would take the calendar to the 21st from Halloween. Season 8 comes out sometime after that. As the 28th is Thanksgiving you know that Thursday won't have an update. That means the FE comes out prior to the 28th or on the 5th - unless it goes much later then the 5th.
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