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Originally Posted by aaronh42 View Post
What if the Preservers are the Iconians, but from two different time periods?
Makes no sense. I am voting it's an Iconian ship and the Sphere was built by the Preservers.

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Considered and rejected because it didn't make sense. But here comes Cryptic thinking otherwise.
It may not have made sense at the time but there is also the fact that it is entirely possible the Preservers are possibly the direct descendants of the Ancient Humanoids or were selected by a small remaining population of them to continue their work in some manner. This does not preclude them from having weapons for either defensive purposes or the Iconians were really that much of a War Race that it scared the Preservers bleep-less. That said, a good idea of how to fight without being militarized would be the Ancients from Stargate: SG1 ...they only used one kind of weapon but it certainly packed a serious punch.

That said, I also have a vote that The Iconians and The Voth got into it and the Preservers tried to mediate or stop the bloodshed but found out the hardway the Iconians were not really into talking peace.

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Riiiiight... How well did that work for Alderaan?

Let's ask them! Oh, wait.....
Ahem...wrong franchise.
Cruisers do not suck at DPS and Escorts are not Tanks. If you think this, you need to reread the definition of Tank.
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