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10-23-2013, 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by daedalus304 View Post
Ok so here's the thing, for a long time STO has seemed useless in its class system.

many blamed it solely on the DPS oriented style and lack of other setups.

I think it's more because instead of following a traditional stance of DPS for DPS, Tanking for Tanking, and Heals for Heals, each class can use Bridge officers to do basically all of that.

I have freaking tanked as a Tactical in a cruiser because of the bridge officers that I have.

does anyone else see this?

does anyone else see the distinction between the classes just go away because of the bridge officers? it basically takes away the science officers job, the Engineers don't have enough threat as is so either way they can't tank properly.
I think it's cool. My fed engi fly an escort, my KDF engi fly a carrier.
I don't see the problem.