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10-23-2013, 08:35 AM
It's been like that since STO started.
We have the Iconians, but they barely act against us. The S8 will have the Voth that are related to Iconians in some way. Just like the Tholian before.
Yet, we still don't know why the Tholians are messing with Nukara or New Romulus. We don't know if they are with or against the Iconians.
The Undine threat was never closed, yet we don't talk about them anymore.

STO open a lot of plot line, never close them, and open new ones.

In a week, we will (probably) have the answer for Sela disapearance. Which was first seen about 3 years ago. At this current rate, we will see the end of the Iconians threat in a decade. Or two.