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I think that there were many instances in ST Canon where diversified education/training were seen to be encouraged. Picard had a background in archeology. Was he a science officer? Kirk was said to be trained as both soldier and diplomat... and had enough geology and chemistry education to stir together some gunpowder for a makeshift cannon.

The class system is archaic and should be eliminated.
Agreed...just because it isn't specifically mentioned in TV shows and movies doesnt mean it didnt happen. You dont start out as an Ensign in Starfleet working a science console only to move up in rank but not sideways into other departments eventually making your way to command of your own ship where you know nothing about engineering, security, tactical or any of the other things that arent related to science. As the person in command they do have people to lean on for advice, suggestions or actual technical expertise but ultimately you are the one that has to make the decision and you cant do that if you dont know anything.

I mean just imagine how Capt Janeway would have handled this?

Kim: Captain we are detecting Tachyon particles 10k away
Janeway: very well, perform a sensor sweep
Tuvok: Captain recommend we scan for wormhole anomalies as well
Janeway: make it so, Mr Paris turn the ship...that way and...make her go kinda fast
Torres: Captain the warp core is offline
Janeway: the what is offline?
Chakotay: Captain security says that we are being boarded by hostile Borg and Kazon
Janeway: wait...what?
Neelix: Captain, my pantry is out of eggs and the replicator system is offline
Janeway: Neelix i dont understand what you just said
Neelix: and we are out of coffee...
Janeway: nuuuuuuuuu!!!!!