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Originally Posted by krisknives View Post
1. It undermines team play.

If everyone is DPS than team composition becomes irrelevant all that matters is number of ships x purity of DPS.

2. It makes player choice irrelevant.

If there is only one viable build it makes all our choices when leveling pointless since that choice can only make the character weaker.

3. It allows for only one type of play and alienates anyone who doesn't enjoy that DPS focused builds/game play>

Some players enjoy being support, minion masters, tanks/defenders, controllers etc. etc. If DPS is the only thing that matters that severely limits the appeal of your game. I for one do not enjoy playing the striker all the time and would enjoy some different roles.

4. It eliminates much of the reason for Alts (and the revenue that comes from players buying stuff for alts)

If there is only one build or one roll, their is much less incentive to run alts. Why would I bother grinding out equipment for 3-5 alts if they all are just going to do basically the same thing the same way? There is a lot more reason to run alts if they fill different roles, making the incentive for alts to have a diversity of options when putting together a group to take on game content.

5. It kills fun but doesn't add anything.

Having only one viable build doesn't add anything to the game and eliminates a lot of things which are fun. In short there is no advantage while lots of disadvantages as previously mentioned. It isn't like there is some kind of trade off which we gain by removing other viable options, it just flatly detracts from the game and limits it.
I read all 5 of your points and they are already true with the current system. I know a lot of players who have left or play rarely because the game is built around DPS and anything other than a Tac is weaker and at a disadvantage. I am a Science Captain, yet I am most effective in an escort, where I can do only half the damage a Tac can. PvP could solve a lot of this if it were actually developed and balanced.

(PS) I see you just jouned this month, maybe you have yet to reach max level and reputation grind and STFs to see that it is TacScorts (now TacFAWCruisersAux2Bat) Online. The whole balance of STO has become so gimmicky and devoid of skill.

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