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See: Alpha is as good a source as any. It's likely their infertility is the result of radiation poisoning.
Continuing with the MA article:
"By the 2370s, Son'a maintained colonies in the outlying areas near Cardassia and the Bajoran wormhole. By this time the Son'a had become infertile as well. The Federation speculated that this might have been the result of biological or genetic engineering. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

According to the novelization of Star Trek: Insurrection, the Son'a were rendered sterile by a failed attempt by Gallatin to artificially replicate the metaphasic radiation around their homeworld. Unable to reproduce, they became a dying race in every sense of the word, increasing their desperation. "

Heh, so yeah, radiation poisoning. Doesn't completely rule out a backup plan that used Dominion cloning tech.
Oooh here's something cool:
"Although the Son'a role in the Dominion War was first mentioned in Star Trek: Insurrection, Weyoun's order to Damar to send ships to assist the Son'a presumably took place after the events in Insurrection, indicating that not all of the Son'a returned to the Ba'ku homeworld." So yeah, it's canon that not all Son'a were involved in the events of Insurrection.
As kojirohellfire has righly stated, Cryptic wont do True Way because they represent evil, and Cryptic can't / don't want to do an evil faction. Besides, what you've described psycoticvulcan is Dominion Mk II. not only have we had the whole Dominion theme, but they'd also represent an evil faction, so no go again.
I dunno. If it's a kinder, gentler (within reason) Dominion then they could be portrayed as non-antagonistic towards the powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Which would let them act as co-belligerents in fighting the Iconians etc... But that would be the REAL Dominion, not True Way imposters. As for a hook to have the Dominion use Alpha Quadrant races.... Maybe after the Dominion War they started making clones of Cardassians and Bajorans?

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