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Tired of never being able to earn fleet credits,never online when a new fleet project starts up,are your fleet mark totals higher then your fleet credits totals,then please post a reply so the devlopers take notice.we need a fleet option in the reputation system.Add some personal projects that a player can do to earn fleet credits besides the fleet projects.I am in fleet that has completed all tiers in all holdings and has a full roster.We still have a chance to earn fleet credits but it is now come down to luck to earn.You have to be online at the time a new project starts and then it's a race to beat others online to contribute.It takes me weeks to earn enough fleet credits to buy one piece of equipment from the fleet store or fleet mine.So it is my hope that others with the same problem post a reply and this thread gets noticed,the more that post the better chances that this will get a serious look at by the development team.

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