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# 1 How many Reputations?
10-23-2013, 10:03 AM
One of the main things that killed my playtime was the reputation systems.

Before I would merrily go about having as many as 6 alts each special to me since I have had them since Beta, some a little while after.

Now its takes me 4 - 6 hours just to do the admin i.e doffing, marks, etc and by that time I'm exhausted. {There's a voice in my head most nights: ... can't play now sorry mate... have to do damn Azure Nebula again because some AFK ..."

Sure I could take a break and do something else, but what >.<. I want to PvP. But I need rep or its no point.

Development seems to be focused only on these hefty reputations systems where even the content now seems to be locked behind a grind.

I stopped playing with the mission unlocks from Romulan and Tholian because of the knowledge that it would take forever.

Personally I think that the business model is flawed. STO customers are like window shoppers. They love a great deal, but if they see something they like, and the sign says come back in December, chances are but that time they have found something down the way. Time is precious.

And in terms of the reputation how many is enough, before the reputations start to become pointless, the one negating the other. I was startled when I tried to imagine STO's lifespan in terms of Reputations. How many has it got?

The mere fact that we could end up with polarised-tetryonic-phased-holographic-antiproton-transphasic DHC makes me just want TOS all the more. When the Romulans hated everyone with a God-complex, and the Klingon women knew how to roar and bite off a Starfleet's eat all the while slapping their mother.

Thats my thoughts really.

Oh, and a K'Vort. Just a K'Vort.

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