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I have 16 characters. I have only ever done all the Rep on 1 of them, my main Fed. I plan to get my main Rom and main KDF also to max Rep, but I'm waiting for the Token in Season 8 to speed up the process. Other then that I couldn't care less if any of my other characters have all the Rep stuff. And I don't think I spent even then 30 minutes a day earning my Rom Rep. I'm sure I'll be through the next Rep system in a week or two too.

If you're spending 4-6 hours a day on Rep, I'm thinking it's because you want to, not because you need to.
I have 9 toons all maxed rep on all reps save for my one sci rommie. I love them all equally. Leaving one out for even a cycle makes me lose sleep - G@d I'm a geek.

Actually I do like the reputations don't get me wrong. Imagine me as some orphan in a toystore for the first time told he can pick a toy.

Only real complaint I have is that one is not able to spawn all pets on the ground at once. I would love to spawn my pet parrot "Zanadu" from the islands, my trusty robot spider "Cricket", my Epoph "Poppet", and my faithful first officer and do an reenactment of the hit musical "The Hill are alive with the sound of Music" on Romulus. Truly, it will be magnificent. However I always end up here.

Help me Cryptic. Help me help you.

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