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10-23-2013, 10:16 AM
I've already posted an idea elsewhere on the forums which basically revolved around a project that would require only Fleet Marks, and would reward Fleet Credits in return, but at a reduced ratio.

Currently it's 1:50, meaning 1 Fleet Mark rewards 50 Fleet Credits. A reputation project on the other hand would reward only a portion of this - let's say 25 Fleet Credits for 1 Fleet Mark.

Reason behind it is that such project should be player's last resort, and not a primary mean of obtaining Fleet Credits outside of the Fleet. So if you want most of your Marks, then add them to a proper Fleet project. But if everything's full and there's no way to obtain more FCs, as you're describing, then you could still use such project to get at least some FC.

Also, such project would work great if it was an unlockable reward for constructing a Tier 5 starbase.

Sadly, I don't think Cryptic will do anything about it. They could say we've already got those 30min projects, but even those aren't enough in the long run, especially if players just rush to fill all the Fleet Marks and Expertise and leave everything else untouched.

What is more, Cryptic feels they need to drain even more of players' resources by introducing all those different Provisions. I mean, it was nice of them to reduce the Dilithium cost of the Fleet Dilithium Mine, but 6000 Mine Provisions for a T3 upgrade is just ridiculous, as it would require a few millions worth of FC just to build it.

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