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Originally Posted by mll623 View Post
I run alts to bypass the dilithium cap as much as anything. You can get 4k dil per character per day without really doing anything if you know how to DOFF for contraband, etc.
Oh of course. I think everyone runs alts to bybass the cap, which is why I said "much of reason" not all. I run many alts myself but I don't really play most of them, I just milk them for more in game currency. If they ever let me manage my DOFF from my phone I don't know that I would ever log into some of them again. I certainly haven't dropped cash to buy anything for them and while I don't have access to metrics I can say in my social experience I've found this to be fairly common in STO where as in say EverQuest or CoH most people I knew ran an average of three characters regularly and never rolled up an alt just for currency. Actually using alt for currency is a fairly unique element of STO's umm.....metagame? (Would that be the right term here?)

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I'm just gonna flat out reject that response as it is too silly to thoughtfully consider. It is a huge straw-man stuffed with assumptions which ignore a myriad of other possible and more likely circumstance in order to support a predetermined position.

So my response is, where "x" = "No it doesn't", 5x.
Look, if you think I'm way off base, that is fine but you are not using the phrase straw-man argument correctly.

A star-man is "a common type of argument and is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position." Since you asked a question, to which I responded, and did not in fact reference or represent your position in anyway I factually, have not engaged in a straw-man argument. I simply stated and explained my own views without reference to anyone else's stances, design philosophy or opinions.

Additionally, we've all got predetermined positions. It is something humans form experience with something. You asked a question to which I responded. You then failed to articulate an statement designed to change or even just challenge the position much less its supporting points, one which you requested I expand on to which I conversationally obliged. As such you've given no reason for anyone to re-evaluate their position nor even the opportunity for anyone to have done so. As such your statements about my response are rather confusing.

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I read all 5 of your points and they are already true with the current system.
Yes I agree. My original point was that eliminating the class system would just chance the real issue from being only one viable class to only one viable build. So yes these are, as I see it, issues already present in the game. Sorry if that got lost a few pages.