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10-23-2013, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
One of the main things that killed my playtime was the reputation systems.

Before I would merrily go about having as many as 6 alts each special to me since I have had them since Beta, some a little while after.

Now its takes me 4 - 6 hours just to do the admin i.e doffing, marks, etc and by that time I'm exhausted. {There's a voice in my head most nights: ... can't play now sorry mate... have to do damn Azure Nebula again because some AFK ..."
I as well as others are in the same boat as you. That's why I've been pleading to the Dev Team a change in the reputation system, where it doesn't punish players with multiple characters. Because like you said, the more characters, the more time you are forced to commit.

The only response we got is that they revised the Reputation system for "weekday warriors", but ignoring us who have multiple characters. Seems they want us to spend more time in-game and grinding out reputations on every single character. Which they have no idea the negative ramifications this has on us, because if we spend our entire time online grinding and less time playing the game how we enjoy it, we eventually lose interest and leave the game.

I've seen lots of people left because of the Nukara Reputation, so I have no idea why Cryptic is ignoring this issue. But instead, we get blind Pro-Cryptic supporters are telling us "hey grind later" or some other nonsense, but they have no idea what we have to go through. Lets see them turn grind constantly on characters for 6-8 hours per day and 3-4 months and see how happy they would be.

Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Development seems to be focused only on these hefty reputations systems where even the content now seems to be locked behind a grind.
Yeah, it's been nothing but a repeat of Season 7 - New Rep and a new Fleet Holding with a few storyline missions. It's really getting tiresome and I'm tired of Fleet Starbase grinding (can't even do it on the Klingon side even if I wanted to, because the queues are dead).

I just wish they come out with something actually new than rehashing same-ol.

Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Oh, and a K'Vort. Just a K'Vort.
Yes! Tired of them making the excuse "oh it's just a big B'rel". Guess what, its a canonical ship and you have an obligation to add that in STO, Cryptic! Not like you couldn't alter it's looks so it's less of an exact copy of the B'rel, my word even Activision did a nice job of doing that with SFC3 and the Armada games.