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10-23-2013, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by gholendhor View Post
Fleet jumping is not a solution.Leaving a good fleet that you have helped build up with full access to all the goodies to join a fleet that is smaller.No way would I do that.It's no guarantee that the fleet you are in now would want to invite you back.
Well if you are worried about the fleet not letting you back in here is a suggestion. Talk to your leader, let them know what your intentions are and ask them if you can leave for a week or so to earn some fleet credits. Make sure that you specify it is not defecting from the fleet it is just that due to size of the fleet it is hard for some to earn fleet credits.

Now if the leader is smart he/she will see your side of the story and agree. I know that I would because I am leader of a fleet. However, small so we dont usually have that problem and since our holdings are not maxed out there is always fleet credits to earn.

Good luck.

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