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10-23-2013, 11:41 AM
There's also a nasty bit of cyclical thinking involved as well if you have multiple toons:

1. I need to level all my toons through rep.
2. Rep grinding is so painfully boring and slow.
3. I don't want to rep grind them because of that.

And thus toons get left behind, and the cycle starts again, but you have even less desire to do so because now those toons are behind and thus you have to grind even MORE.

Not to mention that, once you move past the rep level grind, then you have an even worse part: Gear grind.

Sure you only should grind what you need, but that is a HUGE grind if you are wanting specific things, like an STF set or whatever. Ironically enough, you can get around the dil limit of 8k a day by using ALTS. Even so, that still needs a lot of dil per set piece (or per item you buy outta the stores) and also a lot of marks for set pieces. It can be over 100k dil for a single full Mk XII set for ONE toon!

A lot of people have also said that, 'Well, you chose to have so many alt toons, so it's your own fault.'.

To which I say, not really. A large majority of us, when we made so many alts, was long before they added in rep. Heck, even the original Omega Task Force stuff wasn't bad, because back then you could gear a toon out in a week if you worked at it long enough.

It also doesn't help so many things feel. So much stuff used to be account based, and now there's TONS of character-based stuff. Like C-store ships are account, yet stuff like rep is character.

Besides, I made alts because I wanted to enjoy the game through the other captain types, and also the other factions, including their styles of ships, not leave them behind because of the giant grind walls that've been put up over time.

I want to ENJOY my characters, have different toons with different ships, foci, etc, because to me that is fun. If the content rarely changes, then I made other toons so I could try the content in other ways.

I don't want everything handed to me on a platter (so many seem to think that's what we want), but it's getting less and less fun to want to play at all if all there is, is new grinds that I don't really want to do on all my toons.

Also, Azurian, I've noticed you in a few posts mentioning how it seems to be tough on your KDF-side of your fleet. If you want to, feel free to PM me (or I can PM you) about maybe helping out with that some.
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I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.