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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
To an extend, yeah. It stands to reason that the Federation are the good guys, and Section 31, whilst questionable, has the security and interests of the Federation at heart; they just bend the rules somewhat.
The changeling virus was bending the rules, it was outright breaking them. An I think it was in one of the novels but could have been DS9, a section 31 agent hinted that they have wiped out other species that they felt were too much of a threat to the Federation to be allowed to exist.

If we then look at the Klingon Empire; they're not bad, or evil. They're doing what they've always done, and that is fight. Klingons love to fight (and drink). It's in their very nature. They don't trust too easily either, and are extremely suspicious. That and they appear to sometimes be naive. Still, they're not an evil faction.
They just have an evil emporor that really need to be eleminated, hopefully it will happen before we got to war with the Iconians.

Even Season 8's Voth; they're the bad guys from the current perspective of the playerbase, but they're not actually evil. They're just holding their ground.
I hope you right and Cryptic hasn't devolve them into evil dudes.


Honestly, I don't think Garak would have any desire to start up a sub-faction. A little bit too farfetched for me.
I suspect he the real power behind the Detapa Council anyway and I bet there not much that goes on Cardassia that doesn't require his say so.

I doubt the Son'a would ever become their own faction. I only mentioned them as allies of the Cardassian cause I wouldn't want a Cardassian faction to be just Cardassian. We need a little more variety. Even the current Republic lacks that.
I agree I don't think the Son'a are worthy of being made a fraction.

If we were to look into the novels for inspirations for new fractions, for Regnancy of the Carnelian Throne, which is describe as an empire equal in size to the federation in both number of planets and species that is part of it could be made and interesting fraction and it give cryptic writers a clean canvas to work with.

Regnancy would be ideal for cryptic as they could release pay for species, clothes, ships in the C-store.