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I have too many characters, but I take the rep systems one or two at a time on them. And I frequently stop at T2 or T4, depending on the rep and its passives. I feel no pressure to take Nukara past T2 on any new characters, for example.

If you let yourself get overwhelmed, or feel you need to always do everything, well, there's your problem.
There is a strong bit of irony to the rep system, it is a pve grind, but more significant for pvp in its effect. You can still complete pve without the traits, but in pvp, as they continue to add rep systems every single season it becomes necessary max out the rep on any toon that you wish to pvp.

I had 3 kdf and 3 fed toons that I kept their gear up (would like rommies, but not starting over on them). Now because of account based zen purchases I stick to only fed because the purchases are faction specific in some cases. I avoid being overwhelmed by cutting back alts, but i am tired of only being fed. For now with only a few reps I could run a kdf presently and be competitive as long as I keep other aspects current especially gear. However, I see the writing on the wall about they will need to be shelved in the next year for sure so I am saving dilithium and play time accumulating fleet credits for them.

Account base rep should not reduce player use of rep missions, I would probably run as many rep missions with account based as with character based rep. The thought being I would have 6 toons and possible 2-4 new rommies and I would still want to get gear on them which requires marks. That being said I don't believe the dev interviews stating account based rep would diminish community involvement. It is interesting that that comment indicates there is substantial alt use in the rep system. Since polls can't be run here it is hard to get information on what most people want, but polls in fleet and from others suggest people would want more toons to have rep gear.

This has made the game less interesting because of diminished diversity in what I can play. I feel 2 changes need to be made in the next year or rep will really hurt the game. First rep sponsorship is a nice gesture, but it still needs to be made account bound, if anything, for the sake of new players that are logging in for the first time. I met such a guy who is new to the game just this week and I talked to him a bit. He has been in the fleet for two weeks, has a desire to be a kdf sci and fed eng, but after leveling the fed eng and initiating the rep system he is going to wait on the kdf. I think that a non-alt friendly policy is bad for business and hurts all players that want a growing game. Typically the more diversity of characters played, the more diversity in ships created. Will the rep system impact the next faction release (is it a coincidence that rep sponsorship was released after LOR) because people don't start new toons as much anymore?

Second, and this needs to happen soon, rep traits need to be removed from pvp. There is no pvp equivalent for rep mark earning. Rep traits are going to become essential for pvp once there are 8-10 reps. Rep gear is fine for two reasons, there are alternative paths to decent gear through the fleet system, and the gear does not require constant completion of rep, just focused completion of a rep that interests a player.

The sponsorship feature is not substantial to deal with this issue because half the grind is still too much pve time in a 2 mission rotation of the same thing over and again, but more importantly the timegate is obscene. You have to wait till prime is max then you can start the alts, whose rep xp missions are timegated. At the least this will take 2-3 months of just waiting on timers. Why not let us build up resources on alts and have instant xp missions once we activate sponsorship?

In wrap up:
1. alts make more money for STO and leads to more content and investment in STO
2. new players are pigeonholed into a very daunting rep grind
3. pvp impact of rep is overly significant and improperly implemented by the pve nature of earning rep
4. account bound rep shouldn't reduce utilization of rep missions because of gear needs
5. The sponsorship system rep projects for xp should have an instant timer till account based rep is implemented.

This is not an entitlement, I have cut back zen purchases in game because of rep (no need for an Avenger for one), I have cut back playing time because of rep. I guess for those that think entitlement to desire to play pvp in a competitive manner and want to enjoy that aspect of A GAME, then I have no argument that can cut through that.
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