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10-24-2013, 04:00 AM
The set you use is more based on what you want to do rather than the ship.

I'll say Honour Guard, the Deflectors good and the Engines boost power which is low on a Romulan ship. The 2p bonus boosts Torpedoes too which you use.

But Borg, Omega, Reman, Romulan even MACO are all good choices.

As for Singularity Core, I'd boost Shields and Aux, the Ha'Feh handles nicely even at a mere 15 base power to engines. Not to mention cloaking allows you to boost your handling.

For me Personally 2 Neutroniums and 1 Field Generator are Enough.

A couple of good universals like the Assimilated Module and a Plasmonic Leech would be better.

Put the KCB in the back in place of a Turret.

As for Fleet Neutronium if your not happy with the Turn try at least 1 +turn console, if it's enough get either Hull repair or Hull Hp. I'd go repair for any career but Engineer.
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