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Originally Posted by shinzonisback View Post
understood, thanks.

about universal consoles, well i don't like them:
the borg console looks quite wasted on a ship that already has 125 power to weapons.

the romulan console would be nice, but i prefer 3 neutronium (3 in the minimum for me).
ALSO i don't like the KCB.

I think Elite Fleet Disruptors fits better for 3 reasons:
1 - I got another chance to start a proc.
2 - They are more accurate (due to the x2 un acc) and if the miss one pulse, they can fire another immediately.
3 - They are not kinetic type weapons: so they are pretty good against shields.

I think KCP fits best on cruisers, which can really take advantage from the Borg Console and the Omega Amplifier.
As a general rule of thumb, the only specific tactical consoles I would ever have on a ship are tactical ones. Maybe a embassy science for plasma damage, outside of that all of my consoles on any ship are universal. Those universal consoles are all critical chance/severity and leech.

The kcb is superior damage wise to a turret. A turret will cause more procs but likely be outdps'd by the kcb. The kcb in combo with assim mod gives you owa. As a Romulan you're even more vulnerable to drain due to -40 power. Owa helps you resist drain from weapons allowing you to stay overcapped.

For shield/engines/deflector tbh I would just go elite fleet unless you wanted tet glider to go along with your elite disruptors. Having both resa and resb shields handy allows you to have any resistance handy, engines give you power plus good turn rate and are available in any form (combat-normal-hyper), deflector allows you to have +acc +maneuvers +flowcaps -cd on sci abilities.