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10-24-2013, 07:09 PM
Had these mini steak burgers with swiss cheese at the Microsoft event I attended this evening. They had so much food and such a huge variety that just kept coming and coming. Even lobster and goats cheese in these rolls. They even had this blue drink that looked a lot like Romulan Ale but it was purposely made to match the color of the Windows 8 Logo. It had blue Koolade, pineapple juice, and a splash of sparkling water to give it a tiny hint of carbonation. It was really nice.

The highlight of the night was my time with the XBOX One hands on. Not only did I get to play Killer Instinct but I also got to smash up a McLaren in Forza 5. I suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of one of the other guests in my first attempt at Killer Instinct and got my butt handed to me by the XBOX Community Manager for Canada in my second attempt. Hands on with the new Surface Pro 2 was also nice. They sure know how to present me with things and make me want them.
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Hahahaha, thanks Cryptic, for doing your part to make the F2P transition of SWTOR such a success!!