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10-25-2013, 07:00 AM
Doing stuff with fleet mates.

No really, with a coordinated team of decent players, you'll do things so much faster...

But ehm, for Nukara I'd say the crystalline entity events and the 2 ground missions, and for Romulan marks just go Epoh tagging on New Romulus. Omega, Do a couple normal Infected runs until you know the strategy, maybe find some build advice here or ingame and then try an elite Infected, for between 60 and 95 marks a run. It's easier than you think, if you get some nice people willing to cooperate/communicate. If you don't have a very active fleet, there's some chat channels that are dedicated to forming teams for STF's, and have plenty of people willing to give feedback, answer questions, the like. (hoping someone else'll post the names for these, 'cause I'm not up to speed on the details, atm)