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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Picture PWE/Cryptic as parents.

They have five children...and some wonder if they'll have a sixth.

Space PvE
Ground PvE
Space PvP
Ground PvP
Space PvE Smallcraft
Space PvP Smallcraft (some wonder, not me - don't care, if this child shall be born)

Mom and Dad only have limited resources. Everybody knows that Space PvE and Ground PvE always get the most attention - even the baby Space PvE Smallcraft has gotten more attention of late.

That leaves the Space PvP and Ground PvP siblings vying for whatever table scraps are left...

...Space PvP may have stood over Ground PvP's bed in the middle of the night while holding a pillow - thinking real hard about doing it, but knowing that they couldn't - that Mom and Dad brought Ground PvP into the world, and it was up to them to get rid of it.

Oddly enough, it may be along the lines of the PvE folks stomping their feet if they mistakenly believe any attention is being given to the PvP folks at all, eh? Heck, it's like the Space PvE and Ground PvE folks going at it...

...everybody knows Cryptic has limited 'eff everybody else.

The problem is parents force them to live in the same room, break up the skill trees into pvp and pve, balance skill and abilities to pve then create quality factors to increase or decrease impacts in pvp for balance. You can't balance the pve and pvp. The PvP kids could do fine on their own, if they weren't forced into the hand me downs of their pve siblings.

It is a fact that until they make pve AI as good and diverse as pvp opponents.

Here is the rub, so much in pve is reduced or made less effective or enjoyable because the devs have pvp considerations. So even the pve people should want this, because it would allow them to have more abilities to use in pve without the pvp interference.
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