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I like how in STO the status quo is the exact reverse of SWG.

Ground ruled there, and space was the red headed stepchild.


Edit: Which is all well and good, in that game space PvP required actual joysticks and fighter pilot skills. It was a twitch based full 360 degree axes space sim, quite a far cry from sub warfare of this game. If you didnt dodge everything incoming, you died. If you couldnt get your blaster bolts on your target, you couldnt win. There wasnt this auto targeting spacebar spamming automated derpmode we see here.

Ground was much the same. You didnt have 1-2-3-4 i win combos like was described earlier in the thread. Even a full stack of spy buffs didnt guarantee a oneshot kill, and always left you defenseless in the end.

You could win a 5 or 6 on 1 in that game if you were good enough. Here its numbers win every time. Especially the "right professions and ships".

The more I compare the PvP of this game to other games, especially those I have hardcore played, the more I get disenfranchised and want to retire from it here. Especially after fiascos like a certain group of "roleplay heroes" using 4 temporal ships and TIF on each with a recluse vs pugs and pugmades last night... I mean really? has pvp in this game really evolved into pugrolling for the sake of it?
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