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I suck at ground, haven't put any time in to learning how to use the kids in ground, nor what equipment is best for ground. This is somewhat due to bad experiences but really the skill tree is the big deal. I spec for space, I don't want a disadvantage there, and I love space. That is not just that I put the minimum points in ground to make my ground the best it can be, but I also put ground skills where I can train the most abilities for bridge officers.

My guy is pathetically prepared for ground pvp, but more than enough to get through ground missions in pve for fun.

People want more ground pvp players then there is going to be a need to not cause space to be sacrificed for ground. I am not alone among my friends. We are willing to break into it and play it but not at the expense of space. We have our priorities and since the dev team made them competitive through the spec system and prevent us from the option of making a ground alt due to rep, we are just forced to avoid ground most the time.
Well, once Season 8 launches, you will be able to reach Tier III in all reputation systems. At Tier III you unlock almost everything you need to do well in Ground PvP. Reaching Tier V Omega Force will give you the Mk XII sets and the Omega 10 minute heal. Tier V New Romulus will give you the Plasma/Disruptor Hybrid weapons, but Tier III is all you need for the majority of Ground PvP. That really just leaves the actual leveling of a new character for ground PvP. Good news, it just so happens that Cryptic is running a double XP event at the moment.

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I like how in STO the status quo is the exact reverse of SWG.

Ground was much the same. You didnt have 1-2-3-4 i win combos like was described earlier in the thread. Even a full stack of spy buffs didnt guarantee a oneshot kill, and always left you defenseless in the end.

You could win a 5 or 6 on 1 in that game if you were good enough. Here its numbers win every time. Especially the "right professions and ships".

The more I compare the PvP of this game to other games, especially those I have hardcore played, the more I get disenfranchised and want to retire from it here.
The combo I described above requires two players to perform, a science officer and a tactical officer. You can live though it, but only if you have buff abilities active at that time. There are no i win attack combos in this game for ground. There are combinations intended to reach quick kills, but such attacks don't guarantee kills. Everything on the ground has a counter.

You've mentioned that you have had bad experiences with Ground PvP in the past. If you'd ever like to give learning Ground PvP a try, you are welcome to message me ingame, I'd be more than happy to help you.